Faith in Action Locally

I’m sure the vast host of parenting experts would have much to say about my decision to put my tiny, three year old daughter on a 30 year old wooden toboggan and give her a good push down a short but rather steep hill - a hill that emptied out onto a road. Yes, I’m... full story »

Oct 4, 2015 was a day of new beginnings for a group of Lutherans in Montreal.  The Finnish congregation had to move out of their church building and the proper closing service had been held.  The question of where they would go was a problem until the Estonian church invited them to share their... full story »


When we- the church was a child we grew up with abundance and we had a great childhood. There was an abundance of almost everything and it was good. There was an abundance of food, abundance of resources, abundance of jobs, and abundance of money. There was also an abundance of grace,... full story »

A reflection for churches / ministries that are developing

Proverbs 8:22-3; Psalm 104 1,12-19

At the start of our synod council meeting on Thursday, Bishop... full story »

In 1970 Martin Luther Church, Etobicoke began the Martin Luther Church Day Care. They purchased the vacant house next door where subsidized daycare has been provided to children in the diverse Mimico community for 45 years. It has remained a non-profit community... full story »

On Sunday, August 30, 2015 St. James Lutheran Church in Branch La Have, Nova Scotia celebrated 90 years of Praise and Worship. The day was spectacular weather wise, and members from the two other churches comprising the Northfield Parish (West Northfield and Upper... full story »

St. James, Williamsford had a great deal to celebrate on Sept 27th.  The women of the congregation, with the help of St. Mark’s in Chesley made 34 afghans and quilts and 145 teddy bears which were given to  Canadian Lutheran World Relief  (CLWR). One woman, Mona Le... full story »

St. Timothy’s Copper Cliff was the place to be when young members of a church choir from St. Stephen’s in Bloomingdale, Minnesota put on a wonderful performance of Joseph and the Technicolored Dreamcoat. On June 12, this talented group of kids from grade 7 through 12 put on a show that delighted... full story »

Gayle Thompson has found a way to use her love of glass to benefit her congregation.

Gayle has been making stained glass for 35 years and for the last decade has also been kiln fusing glass.  A few years ago she started making crosses for church fund raising. The crosses were popular at... full story »

Rev. Dr. Rebecca Larson will bring a global perspective as the guest speaker at the Bishops’ Company annual dinner at Kypreos Restaurant in Kitchener on Saturday, October 17.

Few people in North America know more about... full story »