In Mission for Others

In order to be in mission for others we must have faith and a strong belief in our Saviour.  We must share our faith with others.  In order to do this we must know what faith is and how it came to be part of our life.
   Faith is our trust in God. It is also in the patience it takes to wait to see what God wants us to do.  This gift of faith has been given to us by Christ and we are taught to do the job of a disciple, both the big jobs, and the small. 
   With this in mind I realized that I was in fact doing just that as I share the devotions daily with a friend.

Faith in Action:

New Partnership in Whitby

Christ the King is thrilled to be growing through their new partnership with Fairport Montessori Academy. This past spring, the Whitby Ontario church opened its doors to the Montessori school and underwent intensive construction to transform the traditional styled church into a space to share with the Montessori school.

Faith in Action:

A Vision of Ministry

Television is more than a communication medium. It’s about hope and heart and story. “And wow…does our church have a great story to tell(!) and so television becomes tell-a-vision: not only the vision of ministry, but the vision of God’s purpose to love and bless every person on the face of the earth,” says the St. Peter’s leadership team. For more than half a century, thanks to a great cloud of witnesses and supporters, St. Peter’s has been doing just that.

Faith in Action:

Each Stitch Was Sewn in Love

Our small village church in Williamsford has been able to assist the Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) in a big way. At a worship service yesterday they blessed and then boxed up for shipping 584 knitted teddy bears, 86 quilts, blankets and afghans and 26 baby and children’s knitted hats and sweaters. Home Hardware staff in Southampton helped us to box up these gifts to be sent to those in need. They will be shipped to Winnipeg to CLWR and then flown out to those in need in all parts of the world.

Faith in Action:

Joy in the journey

“I am looking forward to this weekend,” I said to my husband back in late May. Before he got a chance to ask the question I read on his face – or at least I thought I did – I answered: “These events are well planned, I want to be with other women, and I like the theme of the retreat.”

Faith in Action:

Grace Rankin Picnic

On a sunny Sunday morning in August, Grace church on Green Lake Road hosted an outdoor service and picnic.  Notices had been placed in mail boxes across the community to invite families in the neighbourhood to join in on a special gathering.
   Arrangements were made to have “The Intermittents”, a Pembroke area men’s choir on hand who opened the event with songs from memory lane and to lead with hymns during the service.

Faith in Action: