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NEWS RELEASE From the National Office of the ELCIC

ELCIC members encouraged to prayerfully support the meeting between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and First Nation leaders through prayer

Winnipeg, 10 January 2013 -- Members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) are encouraged to join in solidarity with KAIROS and other denominations across Canada in support of the upcoming meeting between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and First Nations leaders.

2012 ELCIC Praise Appeal

This year's contribution received at the National Office as of December 1, 2012 was $138,542.08. The Eastern Synod's contribution towards this was $122,792.40.

Thank you all for your dedication to the 2012 ELCIC Praise Appeal.

Please see the attached letter from Bishop Susan Johnson.

Give "1gift4good" this Advent and Christmas

Greetings during this last week of Advent,

Many of you are busy preparing for this sacred time of the year. Recently you received a message from our National Office. In it our National Bishop, Susan Johnson says, “we hope to act out and act upon the gift that we have received through the birth of Jesus.” Jesus Christ is 1gift4good that radically changes our world and the way we are called to live within it.

Rev. Philip Heinze's Letter to the Congregation Regarding Eastern Synod's Assembly Motion 3.1

Motion 3.1 included the following directive:

We therefore request Synod Council and the Director of Public Policy and Service Ministries to identify or develop resources to help congregations study and work toward restorative practices and just peace in the world, and to respond to violence in the home, at work and at school, and in that perpetrated against creation.

Epiphany Devotions

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Reign of Christ

Dear sisters and brothers in Christ:

The Advent season we are entering has much to do with anticipation.

During Advent we anticipate Jesus Christ’s promised return, when he will bring to fullness on earth the heavenly realm he inaugurated at his first coming among us—the kingdom “not of this world” about which Jesus speaks in today’s gospel. In the meantime, we are not to stand idly by. Rather we are called to be co-workers with God, making more
visible, day by day, God’s realm of justice and peace.

Advent 2012- A Note from Debbie Lou Ludolph

There are a number of resources highlighted on the worship page of the synod website http://easternsynod.org/ministries/worship/ for the benefit of your worship planning and those with whom you work. Thank you to synod pastors and leaders who have shared their original work with us. I encourage all of you to do so – especially those of you who work ahead of time – so that the wider community might make use of our collective gifts. Please feel free to pass along Youtube clips that you may have posted of your worship life which could stir ideas for others. Thank you.