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Bishops' Company Dinner

This is an invite for you to become a regular member of the Bishops' company for Mission. Joining the Company means committing to a "second mile gift" once per year.  Your gift will contribute to the renewal of the church through progammes that we are not presently able to fund through regular benevolence offerings. In appreciation for an annual gift we invite you to a festive dinner in the fall.

Reformation Day Liturgical Material Available

Reformation Day Liturgical Material Available

October 23, 2012 - Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) congregations are invited to use liturgical material prepared by The Lutheran World Federation (LWF) to celebrate Reformation Sunday.

The materials can be downloaded in English, German, French and Spanish at: http://www.lutheranworld.org/lwf/index.php/reformation-day-liturgy.html

Interfaith Letter on Prison Chaplaincy

Dear Colleagues in Ministry:

Assistant to Bishop Susan, Rev. Paul Gehrs, sent this email together with the attached Interfaith letter on Prison Chaplaincy signed by our National Bishop.

Paul wrote:

"Bishop Susan has asked that synods be aware of this action regarding changes in prison chaplaincy.

Should you choose to share this letter with others,
I think it is good to remind members of this church
that individuals making their own views known to their own MPs
is a vital part of the democratic process."

Structural Renewal Materials Available

Dear friends,

Attached here for your reference are the latest communications from the ELCIC National Office vis a vis Structural Renewal.

I encourage you to review these materials and to make them as widely available as possible in your respective contexts.

Thank-you very much for your efforts in supporting these timely and important developments within our church!

With all best wishes!


Bishop Michael J. Pryse,
Eastern Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


Church in Mission with others

Church in Mission with others

 Submitted and Written by Rev. Hilmar Lorenz - Gatineau, Quebec   (Editorial for The Eastern Synod Paper)

The Eastern Synod Lutheran is an excellent example for what its church wants to be: in mission for others. Grouped around the “Bishop’s Journal, “ articles are published that report about events in the “congregational life around the synod“ and other activities that show the ELCIC in mission for others.

Faith in Action: