You are invited to join in a new four-year emphasis on Living our Faith, as together we pray, read worship and love.

Starting this September, ELCIC members are invited to join in a year of prayer. As a whole church, we will learn about prayer, grow in our experience of prayer and deepen our regular prayer practice.

In September 2020, we will move on to a year of reading and learn about scripture together. September 2021 will see us focusing on a year of worship and private devotion. And September 2022 will bring us into a year of focusing on love.

Go to often for updates and resources. We will be posting weekly and monthly encouragements on our social media pages and through e-communique.

As we begin this first year, consider how you might offer workshops or retreats on prayer. Use different forms of prayer on Sunday mornings and in all your meetings and gatherings. Preach about prayer. And provide opportunities and encouragement for people to pray with each other.