ELCIC Women of Faith Fund

ELCIC Women of Faith Fund

The ELCIC Women of Faith Fund provides annual grants that encourage and facilitate the Christ- centred ministry of women within the ELCIC and In Mission for Others.

This fund was established in 2011 in recognition of the “significant contribution of the women of the Evangelical Lutheran Women (ELW) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC)”. The fund came from the monies remaining after the dissolution of the ELW. Individuals or groups may make additional donations to the fund.

Grants from the ELCIC Women of Faith Fund will be available on an annual basis. The deadline for applications is MAY 1.

Applicants will submit their proposals for review and consideration by the Women of Faith Fund

Advisory Committee appointed by National Church Council.

Women of Faith Fund Application Guidelines (link)
Women of Faith Fund Grant Application Form (link)
Women of Faith Fund Reporting Form (link)

Examples of ELCIC Women of Faith Funds Approved in previous years.

• Prayer Shawl Ministry, SK - $1,500

• Mustard Seed Family Support, BC - $9,800

• Happy Hearts Quilters, SK - $2,000

• Lutheran Women’s Retreat & Spring Connection – SK - $1,500

• Adopt a Room - Hope House Loft Retreat Area, MNO - $2,000

• Peer Partner Programme, ABT - $3,000

• If You Plant A Seed - Putting An Idea Into Action, Eastern - $5,000

• East-West Community Outreach, Eastern - $7,690

• Women in Leadership - Cameroon Companions, MNO - $5,000

Twenty-six projects were approved in 2017 ($44,480 distributed).

To view the project list, go to elcic.ca/Womens-Desk/FaithFund.cfm

A reminder to those who received a grant in 2017, your reporting form is due May 1, 2018.