Give it up for the Earth Campaign

CPJ would like to invite your church to participate in our Give it up for the Earth! campaign!

Please share this information with your clergy, social justice committee, or anyone who might be interested in organizing a small event.

As Christians, God calls us to love and care for the Earth. Throughout scripture, we find stories that illustrate God’s love for all of creation and instructions on the ways in which we are to share this love.

Give it up for the Earth! is an annual Lenten faith-in-action campaign led by Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ). Through personal and collective action, CPJ encourages people across Canada to take important steps to reduce their GHG emissions, while calling for federal action.

From March 6 to April 18, CPJ is urging Christians to join thousands across Canada to signal to the government that Canadians – especially Canadian Christians – are prepared to make lifestyle changes for the benefit of the Earth. Together, we'll challenge the government to match and exceed these actions with policy changes that will reduce emissions and better address climate change.

Organize an event in your community!

Climate change is a shared responsibility for everyone in the global community. Thankfully, by taking action, we can make changes in our time! This Lent, CPJ invites Canadians to once again Give it up for the Earth!

Give it up for the Earth! is centred on a postcard that includes:
a pledge to individual climate action
a call for a more far-reaching national climate policy.
Completed print and digital postcards can be mailed to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau postage-free

For more information, please contact Karri Munn-Venn at 613-232-0275 x 223 | Facebook | Twitter