Nord500North Marks National Indigenous Peoples Day with Contribution of $5700.00 to N'Swakamok Native Friendship Centre of Sudbury

In September 2017 Christians from across northeastern Ontario gathered as a visible sign of the body of Christ to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. At this event, elders Julie and Frank Ozawagosh, who accompanied us over the two days of this conference, noted that “The Europeans arrived on Turtle Island over 500 hundred years ago and since then have brought devastation to the First People of this land now called Canada.” Through this event and the ongoing call and commitment to Truth and Reconciliation, the churches of various denominations continue to recognize the richness of Anishinaabe Spiritual Beliefs and Values as we repent for the harm our denominations had done to each other and to Indigenous people in the past. Together we lived Jesus pray “That they all may be one as You and I are one.”
   This gathering, however, was not the end of the journey for our Christian communities. Christian’s, it has been said, gather to scatter. In the words of Pope Francis and Bishop Munib Yunan, at the Lutheran Cathedral of Lund, Sweden, although scattered, we remain “Rooted in Christ and in witnessing to him, we renew our determination to be faithful heralds of God’s boundless love for all humanity.”
   Out of this determination to be faithful heralds of God’s boundless love the organizing committee of Nord500North is pleased to announce the contribution of $5700.00 to support the programs of the N'Swakamok Native Friendship Centre of Sudbury.
   Since the presenting of the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls last week it seems now more than ever that Indigenous Peoples across Turtle Island and especially those in our immediate community of N'Swakamok need to know that they have allies and support in this historic time of truth speaking before the work of reconciliation can really begin.
   The N’Swakamok Friendship Centre’s commitment “to enhancing quality of life and empowering family and community by providing supports, services and partnerships for the Aboriginal community in urban setting” while “providing a medium for the meeting of Native and non-Native people and the development of mutual understanding through common activities,” makes it a natural recipient for these funds.
   This contribution marks the official dissolution of Nord500North committee as we continue to live the spirit of ongoing reformation throughout our local communities of faith.