Deadline extended to October 26 for responses to Public Ministry in the ELCIC

When the timeline was originally established for our current FOD project, it was anticipated that FOD would meet this October to consider responses to Public Ministry in the ELCIC - A Preliminary Draft. This yielded a September due date for responses. Owing to scheduling difficulties, FOD will not meet until early November.

FOD has therefore moved the due date for responses to Friday, October 26.

While this will reduce the length of time that FOD will have to bring a revised document to the March, 2019, meeting of NCC, our hope is that the extra month (from about 6 to about 7) will yield additional reflection and contributions.

FOD would be grateful if you would communicate the revised due date as widely as possible, and as soon as possible, in your synod.

Here is a link to Public Ministry in the ELCIC:

Thank you for your consideration and participation in this important endeavour.