Keep on Bishop Susan!


At the crucial moment at the sea, when Moses grew tired of holding his arms up in aid to the children of God, what happened? Aaron and Hur stepped forward and held up the leader's arms for him. So : what do you do today when you believe that our national Bishop's unflagging efforts to help a struggling Canadian Lutheran church find its identity and mission in a new way need some support?

Good Shepherd/Bon Pasteur, St-Lambert Quebec decided to send a cheque for $10,000 to the Eastern Synod's Praise Appeal, designated for the visionary work of the Bishop Johnson. With it came a note saying: "God bless you Bishop Susan. We believe in what you are doing. However it happens, our church needs the Spirit's re-invention. Things must change. Keep on, knowing you have our prayers and our support."

Good Shepherd/Bon Pasteur's building no longer exists. Having been through their own restructuring, the church council of Good Shepherd know that it's never easy, but it's often necessary! The Gospel calls us to death and resurrection. And God is faithful: the Word is still preached and the Sacraments celebrated, and the Spirit still calls, enlightens, challenges and creates in new and delightful ways.

Keep on Bishop Susan! The council of Good Shepherd/Bon Pasteur invites all the congregations of the Synod to join us in answering Bishop Pryse's call to the Praise Appeal!

for the congregation and council,
Pr Matthew Anderson; June 2012