Wondering if it’s appropriation to use the Huron Carol?

  • Have you ever wondered whether or not it is appropriate

    for us to use the Huron Carol in our worship?  Deacon Scott Knarr has provided this background to this song.  Thank you Scott for sharing the following with us.

    The Huron Carol

    This beloved Christmas carol is widely respected and honoured from the far North to Six Nations of the Grand River. Many Indigenous Nations have adopted it as their own song.  The tune is a French folk song and the original words are attributed to Jesuit missionary St. Jean de Brebeuf.

    This is not cultural appropriation (as we would usually define that reality) because the European melody was given words by a Jesuit missionary and then adopted by the Huron Nation and subsequently in our time has been shared with many Indigenous people across Canada.  I think it is indeed a helpful expression of respecting Indigenous culture and blending with European newcomers dating back to 1642.

    This amazing adaptation of the text and song is joint Metis, Haudenosaunee and Inuit collaboration (none of them Huron!).

    An Aboriginal Carol

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