Remembrance Day Conversations

  • A few weeks ago, a number of reflections and resources

    on the topic of Remembrance Day were posted on this blog site. In response, the following email was received.  This personal reflection helps us to see Remembrance Day from yet another perspective.  Thank you, Rev. Stephen Larson for sharing your story and the link to the “The War Prayer” by Mark Twain.

    Stephen writes:

    Let me suggest another resource for Remembrance Day — although one that is probably more useful in an adult or youth education or retreat setting. Although I have used it as a three person reading as a homily in campus ministry and Lutheran Church of Geneva (Switzerland) worship settings.  It’s entitled “The War Prayer” and was written by Mark Twain around 1905, as an anti-war parable.  The published copy I have of it explains that Twain felt it was so controversial, however, that he directed it not to be published until after his death.

    The text may be found at    The short story is set in the context of a church worship service in a country patriotically headed to war.  It’s very strong.

    Back in my seminary days in the States, during the Vietnam War, Twain’s “The War Prayer” was a helpful resource for me on my faith journey to declaring myself a conscientious objector to war.


    Stephen Larson

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