Liberated by God’s Grace …to be neighbour


    This year’s synod assembly focused on the freedom

    we have been given in Christ to love our neighbour.  The themed session were an exercise in contextual theology as we listened closely to our neighbours inside and outside the church, set within our times of praise and prayer.  (Debbie Lou Ludolph, Worship Ministries Director, original quote published in The Eastern Synod Assembly Edition).

    Each of the worship missals is attached to this article.  You are invited and encouraged to review and use the prayers, songs and bible studies that are provided.  At the end of the each missal is a list of permissions and resources.  Please credit the original authors for any resource  that you are using.

    Our thanks to the Worship Planning Team of:  Debbie Lou Ludolph, Jonah Bruce, Sherry Coman, Rev. Steve Hoffard, Bradley Moggach, Cherub Philip, Kathryn Smith and Robb Wilson.

    Thursday June 21, 2018

    Opening Worship – Bishop Michael Pryse with Rev. Rosalyn Kantlah^nta’ Elm presided, National Bishop Susan Johnson preached.

    …to be neighbour I– Multi-faith neighbours, with Bible Study by Rev. Dr. Allen Jorgenson

    Friday June 22, 2018

    Morning service – LGBTQIA+ neighbours

    …to be neighbour II – Race relations, with Bible Study by Dr. Mary Philip (Joy)

    Saturday June 22, 2018

    …to be neighbour III – Homelessness and Addiction, with Bible Study by Rev. Dr. Allen Jorgenson and Dr. Mary Philip (Joy)

    Sunday June 23, 2018

    Closing Worship – National Bishop Susan Johnson presided, Bishop Michael Pryse preached

    If you have any questions about the missals and or resources, feel contact Kathryn Smith at

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