Day 3:23 pm

  • Away in a manger

    Away in a Manger will most certainly be sung over the Christmas season. Sometimes it is hard to shift from a sentimental singing of the “little Lord Jesus no crying he makes” to the hard realities of the world. Inspired by Inshallah singing Shirley Erena Murray’s verses “Away and in Danger” – a carol of the refugee children (see, Allen and I wrote these verses for our upcoming Carol Sing at Kitchener City Hall where we are raising money for the local Refugee Health Centre.

    Feel free to use these verses if they speak to your context with the following recognition if you choose to print them: alternate lyrics: Allen Jorgenson and Debbie Lou Ludolph (c) Kanata Centre, Waterloo Lutheran Seminary, 2017.

    God meets us in strangers

    And helps us to see

    that helping my neighbour

    is God helping me.

    The little Lord Jesus

    Arrives in strange ways

    That startle our privilege (singing priv-lege)

    And quiet self-praise. 

    Be near us dear Jesus

    we ask you to stay

    close by us forever

    to shape loving ways.

    To live with each other

    as one human race

    Show us how our weakness

    is God’s place of grace.
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