• As a legacy of the Evangelical Lutheran Women (now dissolved), the ELCIC has launched the Women of Faith Fund. “The purpose of this fund is to encourage and facilitate the Christ-centered ministry of women within this church and in mission for others. This will be accomplished by providing annual grant opportunities.” The application form is posted on the
    ELCIC website under Women’s Resources. Donations to the fund are also accepted.

    In October 2010, the previous Synodical Evangelical Lutheran Women (ELW) board members met to discuss the future of women’s ministry within the Eastern Synod. At that meeting, each Synod Conference reported that they inted to hold annual/biannual gatherings. As well, Eastern Synod congregational women’s organizations will continue functioning.

    Our former conference presidents have agreed to remain as conference contact persons. Cathy Calvin, the former Synodical ELW president, was appointed by the Eastern Synod Council as the representative for women’s ministry to Synod Council. Rev. Riitta Hepomaki is the Synodical contact person and Val Weingartner will continue to publish The Columbine newslettter.

    Even though the ELW was dissolved the women’s ministry will continue and grow. Be assured that the synod will support your work and efforts.

    Riitta Hepomaki

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