• Back to Church Season of Invitation

    Looking for new & novel ways to promote BTCSI? Click on the link for the 2012 Pastor Rap BTCS (US).
    Pastor Rap

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  • Godly Play Conference this June in Toronto

    June (19-22) the North American Godly Play conference is taking place in Toronto. This event will include Core Training but also keynote presentations by Jerome Berryman and Joyce Ann Mercer, and a variety of workshops. Here is a link to the brochure:


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  • Back to Church Season of Invitation Eastern Synod 2013-2014 Seminars

    BTCSI 2013 Seminars begin in the Eastern Synod with Michael Harvey at the London & KW Conferences on Saturday May 4th. You can ask me or check with your conference dean when a seminar will be held in your conference. Here’s the website of the UK BTCS (where it all began).
    I’ll keep you updated on our progress and provide other helpful BTCS websites. Don’t forget to check out the Augsburg/Fortress website for Michael Harvey’s Book (Unlocking the Growth) and BTCS DVD’s.

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  • Discipleship, Intergenerational Church Community, Christian Love

    On this website you’ll find podcasts, videos and blogs on the subject of Discipleship. The categories range from intergenerational church community, Christian love, pastors talking to parishioners about money, etc., all to help strengthen your discipleship ministry. Discipleship

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  • Share the reason during the 12 day season!

    Now that most people have moved past Christmas, take time during the 12 day season to share the message which lasts year round. Invite someone to worship with you during the season so they can still enjoy Christmas.

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  • Website – Institute of Evangelism

    Here’s a website with useful information, posts/blogs, seminar schedules, etc. for your witness/evangelism ministry.

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  • Actions vs. “words/bumper stickers”

    When we step out of the church walls of our congregations we are the Good News which people of our communities see & hear.

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  • Children’s Ministry Conference

    The Centre for Excellence in Christian Education (CECE) Presents
    Making it Easier to Serve: Children’s Ministry Conference
    November 3rd
    8:30 a.m. — 4:00 p.m.
    Cost: $25 per person
    Centre for Excellence in Christian Education (CECE)
    St. John’s York Mills Anglican Church
    19 Don Ridge Drive, Toronto ON M2P 1H3
    Keynote Speaker – David Csinos
    on children’s spirituality, church and culture, and spiritual formation.
    Keynote David M. Csinos is an author and speaker in the areas of children’s spirituality, church and culture, and spiritual formation. Dave’s first book, Children’s Ministry that Fits, was acclaimed by academic and pastoral publications in North America and Europe. He is the founder and executive director of Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity (www.children-youth.com) and he studies practical theology at Emmanuel College of Victoria University in the University of Toronto, where he is a doctoral student and a Teaching for Ministry Fellow. He and his wife, Jenny, live in southwestern Ontario.
    Meeting Special Needs in Church School
    Pastoring Children and their Families
    Choosing an Effective Curriculum
    Trends in Faith Formation and Implications for Ministry
    Interactive Bible Storytelling
    Messy Church
    Christian Meditation with Children
    Kids Helping Kids
    Building A Children’s Ministry Team
    For more information or to register: http://thecece.org/registration.html

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  • Mission Shaped & Rural

    The R. Alex Sim Rural Ministry Symposium
    When: October 22-24
    Where: Salvation Army Centre, Jackson’s Point, ON
    Cost: $100 by Sept 30th.
    Space is limited.
    Presenters: John Bowen, Rev. Bonnie Shelter-Brown, et al.
    Workshops include Messy Church, NCD, Youth & Children, etc.

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  • Back to Church Sunday – A Season of Invitation

    The 1st Back to Church Sunday of the Season is just around the corner. For those of you participating & using the BTCS invitations, let me know the results. About a dozen people at my church have already been inviting friends & neighbors to worship this Summer. If you’re interested in BTCS but not inviting yet, contact me. Blessings 1st & 2nd “timers”on your BTCS!

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