• Re-Thinking Discipleship Conference

    “ReChurch – Rethinking Discipleship” one day conference at St.

    Thomas Anglican Church in St. Catharines.

    November 23rd 9:30am – 3:30pm [lunch included] at St. Thomas

    Anglican Church in St. Catharines.

    Cost: $25 per person.


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  • Resources for National Back to Church Sunday – September 15th

    On this website:
    you’ll find resources you can purchase for National Back to Church Sunday – September 15th 2013.

    You can incorporate them if you are using the Anglican Church in Canada date of September 15th – the same date Augsburg-Fortress Materials use.

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  • Videos to Promote Back to Church Sunday

    This website page is from the National BTCS in North America. Whether you plan on Sunday September 15th or a Season of Invitation (multiple Sundays, like my congregation), you can use these previews in church to spark interest. We used Invite #1 – Mrs. Edwards – at Peace Lutheran (Pickering, ON) Sunday April 21st. The response was positive in all age groups, especially those over 50. You can purchase the 2013 versions from the web store (backtochurch.com/store) if you want to use them in official promotions, such as your church website. Here’s the link to the preview videos: http://backtochurch.com/videos

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  • Back To Church Sunday – Assessment & Register your church for National BTCS

    While the National BTCS is through the US site, they have some useful promotional items. Thank you to Pastor Ramer for her post about the assessment kit you can find on the website at:

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  • Reimagining Church: Shaped for Vision

    The need to “ReImagine” church is vital in a global, technological world which changes at an exponential rate. If we are to answer the call of Matthew 28:19 today and for the church 20 years from now we must continue to reform as Luther taught us. Here is one tool to help you.
    This resource is from Wycliffe College Institute of Evangelism, posted in 2012. The powerpoint presentations can be downloaded from this site:


    You can use these presentations for small or large groups, church councils, etc. There are tutorial videos on the site to help you.

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  • Back to Church Seminars by Michael Harvey

    Back to Church Seminars in Eastern Synod Conferences.
    Here are the dates for the BTCS Seminars presented by Michael Harvey.

    Contact your Conference Dean or Designated organizer for any fees and specific information on place and time. You can also e-mail me for any further quesitons.

    May 3rd Seaway Cluster

    May 4th Hamilton Conference
    London Conference & KW Conference – St Marks Kitchener

    May 5th Georgian Bay

    May 8th Northern Conference

    June 19th Ottawa Conference

    June 20th Ottawa Conference

    November 30th Atlantic Conference

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  • Godly Play Conference – Toronto Registration

    North American Godly Play Conference in Toronto June 19-22, 2013.
    A special opportunity is being offered to complete Core Godly Play Training in combination with the North American Godly Play conference in June in Toronto. Those wishing to do their Core Godly Play training will begin with a session the day before the regular conference starts on Wed. June 18 and complete their Core training during the workshop times during the conference itself.
    The advantage of this is that you will have the opportunity to hear the keynote addresses from Jerome Berryman (founder of Godly Play) and Joyce Ann Mercer along with all the other conference participants. Amy Crawford of Godly Play Canada says that organizers will be making materials from the workshops available to conference participants ( you can still benefit from workshops even if you aren’t able to attend them in person).

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  • Information on Back to Church Sunday Seminars & book: Unlocking the Growth

    BTCS Seminars & UNLOCKING THE GROWTH (Book available through Augsburg Fortress)
    On September 30th 2012 thousands of Christians across Canada invited their friends to church, many Canadians accepted that invitation. Across the world 200,000 Christians had 200, 000 accepted invitations. Surveys also show that people would consider going to church if given an invitation.
    A Seminar by Michael Harvey
    The Seminar offers simple and effective ideas for increasing the number of people gathered to invitational services. It is specifically designed for church leaders and lay people who want to see their church grow.

    Michael Harvey is a founding team member of Back to Church Sunday and has spoken to thousands of church leaders across three continents. He has seen over thirty seven thousand people added to the church from 2004 to the present day. Back to Church Sunday takes place in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Wales,

    UNLOCKING THE GROWTH Topics include:
    The reasons Christians don’t invite
    Hidden attitudes in our churches
    How to overcome the wounds of the past?
    How welcome plays its part?
    What is church in 2013?
    The keys to adding to the church
    12 steps of kicking the habit of being an uninviting church or (How to
    Double a congregation in a day)

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  • Back to Church Sunday Seminars

    BTCS 2013 Seminars in the Eastern Synod with Michael Harvey:
    The London & KW Conferences on Saturday May 4th.
    Georgian Bay Conference May 5th.
    Northern Conference May 8th.
    Ottawa & Saint Lawrence Conference June 19th & 20th.
    Sea Way & Montreal Clusters are pending.
    Check with your Conference Dean to find out about seminar dates.

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  • Resources from Vital Church Planting 2013 Conference

    On this webpage you’ll find links to
    helpful resources from the recent 2013
    Vital Church Planting Conference held in Toronto.
    Take a look, see what you can use in your congregation.
    Let me know whether it’s of help to you or not in your Witness-Evangelism Ministry.

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