Understanding the donor psyche

  • In other places I have sung the praises of email newsletters.  I subscribe to about a dozen of them and find them a helpful way to stay in touch on various topics.

    One that I particularly like comes from Sumac, a company that sells fund-raising software to charities.  I haven’t tried out their product, and I’m certainly not shilling for them, but their newsletter is great and their graphics are cool. 

    The newsletter arrives every month or two and contains several articles of interest to people who work in the charitable sector, particularly fund-raising (natch).  The last issue came with links to three articles, all of them interesting.  But the one that was particularly striking bore the title “6 Truths About The Donor Psyche & How They Inform Nonprofit Marketing” and came with this teaser:

    Peter Singer, arguably the most famous and influential modern philosopher, delves into to the human psyche to determine what’s holding people back from giving at their full potential. He cites 6 reasons, which give way to 6 very clear things you can do to inspire giving in your next campaign!

    If you are put off by the word “victim” in reason #1, I suggest you replace it with “beneficiary”.  It will make just as much sense and probably fit our context better.

    To go straight to the full article, click here.

    Clicking on the “Library” tab at the top of the Sumac web page will take you to . . . you guessed it:  a library of past newsletter articles, all helpfully sorted into categories.  Enjoy!

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