Resources for Children and Youth

  • This week’s email brought information about two resources on generous giving among children and youth.

    Nathan Dungan is the president of Share Save Spend®, an organization dedicated to helping families make good decisions about money that are based on their values.  He was a keynote speaker at a conference in Toronto in 2009 sponsored by the Canadian Interchurch Stewardship Committee (CISC) and the Ecumenical Stewardship Center (ESC) [The ELCIC is a member of both groups.]  Nathan introduced himself as the son of a Lutheran pastor and a financial executive (if I remember correctly it was Mom who was the bank v-p).

    I subscribe to Nathan’s newsletter to stay current on the financial issues affecting young people.  The Share Save Spend website contains lots of articles and offers resources for sale as well.

    The ESC and CISC have collaborated to make available a resource called “Wrapped in God’s Love”.  The subtitle is “Planting Seeds of Faith; Growing Generous Hearts”.  This was originally a book developed by one of the other member denominations of CISC .  Now you can purchase it as a downloadable PDF for $9.95 on the Ecumenical Stewardship Center website.

    I’m not familiar with the contents of the book, but would welcome and gladly post a review by any reader who has used it.

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