• Spotted on the back cover of my recent copy of Sports Illustrated, a full-page ad for Embassy Suites Hotels™ with this tag-line:

    “The more MORE [sic] you have the more you have to have more.”

    The point of the ad is that this particular hotel chain offers more of what people want, or need.  The specific benefit offered is “complimentary drinks every evening”.

    It seems to me that, apart from the commercial message, there are at least two other ways of reading the copy-writer’s line:

    • You (me, all of us) are right to want more, in fact we deserve it.  Wanting more is completely normal, and it should be rewarded appropriately.  It’s not even optional; we have to have more.  So get out of our way, all you nay-sayers, foreign environmentalist radicals and enemies of the North American way of life.
    • The unfortunate thing about affluence is that it creates insatiable desire.  Getting what we want does not produce satisfaction, it merely produces more wanting.  We are addicts always in search of a fix, always needing a higher dose.

    What are your thoughts about having more?

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