About Public Policy & Service Ministry

  •  Director: Rev. W. Phil Heinze pheinze@elcic.ca

     Purpose Statement: “To live God’s Mission with compassion, working for justice for all, wherever we are, with all our partners.” (adopted: June 08)

    Eastern Synod Public Policy Statements and Letters from Bishop Pryse

         Visit  http://www.easternsynod.org/resourcescatagory.php and scroll down to “Public Policy Statements”

     Public Policy and Service Ministry Team

    Please contact the Director or the appropriate Team Member if you would like to make suggestions or request information. 

    Ministry Area Team Member Email
    BioTech Maria Featherston maria_featherston@hotmail.com
    BioTech Dr. Richard Crossman rhamma@golden.net
    *Church Council for Justice and Corrections Dick von Briesen dickvb@kos.net
    Early Childhood Education & Daycare Rev. Katherine Altenburg pkaltenburg@hotmail.com
    Food Grains Bank Rev. Steven Johnston steve@webfeed.ca
    HIV/AIDS Margaret Harbinson harb1nson@cyg.net
    Homelessness, Affordable Housing & Poverty Reduction Mike Schuster scmike@region.waterloo.on.ca
    Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition (ISARC) Rev. Michael Hackbusch mhackbusch@hotmail.com
    KAIROS Rev . Norine Gullons norine@bellnet.ca
    *KAIROS Ecological Justice Rev. Brian Wilker-Frey pastor@stansgar.ca
    *KAIROS  Global Justice, Sanctuary & Corporate Responsibility Rev. Peter Kuhnert pkuhnert@kdchc.org
    *KAIROS Indigenous Rights Carl Rausch ingenium-carl@sympatico.ca
    New Brunswick Concerns Rev. Thomas Graham swalkirk@nb.sympatico.ca
    Nova Scotia Concerns Rev. Lester Skonnord lester.skonnord@cdha.nshealth.ca
    Peace and  *Project Ploughshares Rev. Lowell Nussey lknussey@sympatico.ca
    Refugees and Temporary Foreign Workers Rev. Julio Romero jromero2@cogeco.ca
    Quebec Concerns Rev. Matti Terho matter@alcor.concordia.ca
    Restorative Justice Rev. Bruce Schenk baschenk@sympatico.ca
    *Stewardship of Creation, Eastern  Synod Rep. Rev. Olavi Hepomaki ohepomaki@vianet.ca

    * National Church appointments

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