Fair Wages and Decent Work

  • Government of Ontario’s Minister of Labour, Kevin Flynn, has promised to table legislative changes in the spring and is conducting a “Changing Workplace Review” (see www.labour.gov.on.ca for more information).

    Organizations, such as $15andFairness, have been pressing the government to help protect workers with legislation that ensures better working conditions and wages with a $15 minimum wage increase, paid sick days, and easier access to unionization.

    “Non-standard employment (which includes involuntary part-time, temporary, self-employment without help and multiple job holders) has grown twice as fast as standard employment since 1997” (www.labour.gov.on.ca). We know this reality has a huge impact on poverty in Canada, on families, and on communities, as Canadians struggle to find fair work and make ends meet. A poll done back in September 2016 by Canadian Payroll Association, concluded that 48 % of working Canadians rely on each paycheque to cover their bills, living paycheque to paycheque, as personal debt mounts and as the economy remains weak (Globe and Mail, September 7, 2016).

    Faith leaders have signed a statement calling on the government of Ontario to make effective changes to the Ontario Labour Relations Act, 1995, and the Employment Standards Act, 2000, to better protect workers, families and communities. “We know that decent working conditions are essential to strong and prosperous communities…” (http://15andfairness.org/faith-leaders/).

    Please visit $15andFairness (www.15andfairness.org) and see how you can add your support for fair wages and decent work.

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