Day 3:07 pm

  • CPJ 2015 Election Bulletin


    2015 Election Bulletin: Exercising Faithful Citizenship is a bulletin published by Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ). CPJ “encourages citizens, leaders in society, and governments to support policies and practices which reflect God’s call for love, justice, and the flourishing of creation.” (2015 Election Bulletin p. 12)
    This bulletin is a great tool for gathering information about the issues affecting all Canadians as we participate in our federal election on October 19th, 2015.
    As faithful citizens, we are called by God’s love in Christ toward a just society, where concerns such as poverty, housing and homelessness, the climate, right relations with First Nations peoples, the economy, and welcoming the newcomer are all a part of the debate and where, together, we are able to find lasting solutions and policies that reflect the care of neighbour and creation.
    Use this bulletin as a resource in your congregation, ministry area, or as an individual. Click and follow the link at You can also follow CPJ on or follow on for more information.

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