Feeding the Soul

I used to watch CSI pretty regularly on TV. In one episode, Grisham and his team were called in to investigate the disappearance of a young girl, probably around the age of 10 or 11. She had, as I recall, an older sister (or friend?) and an older brother. The brother had an illness that required... full post »
More than ten years ago my husband Morley and I were visiting our son Christopher in New Orleans. Since it was the American Thanksgiving weekend, there were many events planned. One of them was a Home and Garden tour of some of the historic and beautiful mansions in the Garden District. These... full post »
When we say "Peace be with you" we are wishing the blessing of the fullness of peace upon the person to whom we are speaking. We are vocalizing a prayer to God that every good thing might come to that person.   In my home office I have a mounted sheet of wrapping paper that I purchased at Ten... full post »
Pastor I don’t want to live anymore.  Why does God leave me here?  Does God hate me?  I am no good to anyone anymore – look at me I am all alone, no family, no friends – I am an old, old, woman. This is the way many of my visits begin with the elderly in my community.  In their younger years they... full post »
It was the last day of summer and the warmth of the day are turning quickly into the coolness of the evening. The evening dew is beginning to form. One can notice the dew on the handle of the lawn rake which has been lying on the grass.I had been vigorously raking the dead patches of grass in the... full post »
Isaac Wahl Schellenberger (4) is a member of St. Mark's Kitchener. This is how Isaac perceives his church. Looking at this picture we see how colourful and bright the church is through Isaac's eyes. How do you see your church?
Some aspects of my personality and outlook on the world have been shaped by those little stories or quotes that appeared at the end of the articles in Readers’ Digest, which I read as a boy.  Some of them were entertaining anecdotes, but others offered deeper insight.One of the gems I remember had... full post »
My youngest daughter Rachel played flute in high school.  When we moved to a new parish we received a call from another parent that went something like this:- Mr. Slack?- Yes.- I’m calling on behalf of the Band Parents.- Okay.- We’d like you to donate two bags of dried beans.- Why?- Some parents... full post »
I learned a strange lesson from my father watching television sports and professional wrestling. He wasn’t much of an athlete or a sports fan, but in the days of two black and white channels he taught me to cheer for the underdog.  Whether it was professional baseball, Hockey Night in Canada, or... full post »
I grew up in a small town in Atlantic Canada.  In the community of 3000 there were several mainline Protestant congregations and one small Roman Catholic congregation – no other religious groups.  There was one black family from South Africa and two East Indian families. And no one who was “out of... full post »