Feeding the Soul

Our 2011 ELCIC National Convention, after exploring the meaning of treaties as sacred covenants, passed a resolution that commits our church to encouraging right relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous peoples in Canada. At this year’s Synod Assembly we will consider approving a... full post »
This afternoon we gather around Word and Sacrament as one expression of God’s family – as a community of believers who are united in one regional expression of the Body of Christ. We’re glad – I hope – to be together! It’s a kind of “family re-union” and we’re happy to have these few days where we... full post »
There was a time that I had to move to the other side of the country without my children because of work. They stayed with their father. This period, as I recall it, was the most miserable time of my life. I remember my first trip down to Helsinki to see my boys. We didn’t have much time;only a... full post »
The Madawaska River is one of the most beautiful  rivers I know. Starting in the wilds of Algonguin Park it flows through some of the most spectacular scenery that Ontario has to offer until it eventually heads into the Ottawa River. The Ottawa River? Now there’s another fine river, not to mention... full post »
I had a strange dream the other night.  In my dream Jesus came to visit our church to see if he could find a few disciples to help him with some work he seems to want to do in our town. Of course, Jesus didn’t look like all the pictures we see in our Bibles---a long white robe and soft shining hair... full post »
Grace and peace be with you all!Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thess 5: 16-18) Winter has been hard thus far, and it can be just as much a mental challenge as a physical one to try to get through the cold months.I know from experience that when we’re... full post »
Making my way through the streets of Toronto before Christmas, where store windows glistened with expensive watches and handbags, it was all too easy to close my eyes from some dehumanized shapes.  Wrapped in blankets, they peered out with blank eyes from between scarves and toques as they... full post »
The late Canadian artist William Kurelek, a man of deep faith, created a series of paintings published under the title of  Northern Nativity.  Each painting depicts a Christmas Eve image of the Holy Family in a contemporary, Canadian, equivalent of the Bethlehem stable.  We see Mary, Joseph and... full post »
This is the traditional Christmas scene.   But is this what it looks like today? Have we put Jesus behind? Are we focusing on something else?     Nativity scenes by Martta Hepomaki