Feeding the Soul

We will practice Spirited Discipleship

This series is based on the Vision for Mission in the Eastern Synod 2010-2012.

When I was a young adult I visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.  For the first time in my life I sat in front of an IMAX screen, and saw a movie that filled my field of view.  It was called To Fly.  Without knowing it right away I was floating above tree tops in a hot-air balloon.  Then soaring in glider, flying cross-country in a single-engine, and eventually going into orbit in a space ship.

Even now it amazes me that the shape of a wing allows flight.  When a motor of some sort pushes the wing forward its shape causes lift; the turbulence intentionally created on the top part of the wing allows the steadier air underneath to raise it skyward.

When the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada chose to chart its course with the help of five pillars the Eastern Synod decided to rearrange its Vision for Mission at the 2010 assembly, to match them.  And as we did we were aware that the adjectives are just as important as the nouns; the describing words are as vital as the things to which they refer.

In this case A Spirited reminds us that our discipleship is empowered by the third person of the Trinity.  We are lifted up into God's presence when we worship using traditional forms and some newer resources.  God's holy wind fills our wings as we study scripture and learn more about the Gospel.  We take to flight when we speak to friends, neighbours and co-workers about the faith that has been given to us, and the peace the passes understanding. 

As disciples - students, followers, apprentices - we do not rely on our own strength and wisdom, but wait for God's breath to give us life.  And the turbulence we feel from time to time is one of the things the Spirit uses to get us off the ground.             

Pastor Jim Slack


I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.

John 10:10b

When coming up with a devotion – where do you go – why not to your favorite bible verse.  This is my favorite for one word – abundantly!  There is so much gospel in that one word.  God’s gifts for us are not regular, or plain.  God’s love for us is not ordinary.  No – God’s love for us is abundant!

Jesus tells us the he came to this earth so that we may have life abundantly.  He is referring not only to our earthy life but our extravagant gift of eternal life and in both God offers us life in abundance.  When we believe and accept the gracious gift of eternal life – than earthly worries can fall away and we can live an abundant life every day!  Our earthly life becomes abundant when we let go of everyday problems and experience life through the lens of LOVE – abundant love which comes only from God!  When we feel God’s abundant love in our lives, than we are able to spread God’s abundant love to others!

All too often in this modern world we think that abundant stuff will make us happy but it really just makes us want more stuff.  God’s abundant love fills us in a sustaining way that no ipad ever could.  God’s abundant love never runs low on batteries, it never smashes when it hits the ground, and most importantly, there is never a new version you will need to purchase. God’s abundant, constant, and unconditional love for you never ends, and never needs updating!

Pray with me:
God of abundance,
Help me to see your abundant love in nature,
in people, in my life. 
I want to feel your unconditional love every day
and share that love with others. 
Help me to experience
a life of abundant love today and everyday. 



Rev. Bonnie Schelter-Brown
Pastor of St. James' Lutheran Church, New Dundee
Dean of the Kichener/Waterloo Conference

(Picture on top: Dylan Courville)