Working with the community for the community

When the Rhenish church began in the mid 1980’s, it focused heavily on new settlers. Then during the 90’s they broadened their mission to include campus ministry, focusing on students in the community. By the mid 2000’s they turned to helping families, providing programs such as marriage and parenting courses as well as toddler play groups.
   At this time they also moved to their new permanent location in Markham, ON. The move was funded in part with the help of the Eastern Synod who were able to access Canadian Mission funding.
   By 2012 they had partnered with Living Water Counselling Centre to include mental wellness in their mission priorities. Then in 2015 the Dorcas Centre was established.

The Dorcas Centre is a non-profit Christian faith based community centre, affiliated with Rhenish Church of Canada. “Serving the Community and Transforming Life” is their vision, which is based on selfless love and giving.
   Today the Rhenish Church is still going strong and on February 10th, 2019, they celebrated the grand opening of the newest part of the Dorcas Community Centre, a brand new gymnasium.

The Dorcas Centre partners with other charitable organizations to collaborate expertise, service and programs in serving the community together. These partners include Hong Fook Mental Wellness Association; Living Water Counselling Centre; TAC Sports; Life with a Baby and Welcome Centre Immigrant Services. Its mission statement is “building healthy communities and transforming life by providing services and programs on promoting harmonized families, healthy physique and mental wellness.”
   The opening of the community centre was acknowledged by many local dignitaries including MP Jane Philpott, MPP Paul Carandra and City Cousellor Andrew Keyes.


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