Thank You Oscar

The ‘Lord is My Light’ is the inspirational solo selected and offered by Oscar Zarnke on the occasion of his retirement from St. John’s Lutheran Church (Waterloo) Choir duties at age 98. Oscar’s commitment and dedication to the choir covers 84 years, having started as a boy soprano when he was 14 years old. His career has seen over two dozen Pastors, approximately twelve organists and two church edifices while belonging to ONE congregation. Over the decades he has attended over 4000 choir rehearsals and untold number of worship services.

On the day of Oscar’s official ‘retirement’ about ten family members who had travelled from out of town worshipped together with Oscar. Special tribute was paid to
Oscar by Pastor Fred Ludolph who quipped that he had missed the first eighty years of his choir career!

Following the service, an informal reception was held where congratulatory letters were read and speeches were made while people enjoyed cake, coffee and fellowship. It was a joyous occasion in the life of St.John’s Waterloo. We say “Thank YOU and may God
richly bless you always, Oscar!”

Submitted by Muriel Soehner

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