Synod Council Meets

The Eastern Synod council welcomed six new members when they met in early November. Elected at the 2018 Synod Assembly in Toronto the new members include laypersons Benjamin Bestvater and Judy von Wahl as well as pastors Anne Anderson, Janaki Bandara, Joanna Miller and Adam Snook. The remaining council members include Rev Dwight Biggs, Margaret Christenson, Anne Drouillard, Rev David Malina, Bonnie Weppler and David Wilk as well as the officers, Bishop Pryse, Laurie Knott, Wendell Caron Grahlman and Keith Myra.

Motions from the meeting included:

 how the proceeds from the remainder of Edgewood Camp’s funds and from the sale of the Edgewood property will be distributed. See article/learn more/or …
 establishment of a fund that will support Indigenous projects in the future (in addition to the YAYA funds independently established);
 appointments of people to serve on the Candidacy, Examining, Mission and Youth & Young Adult committees; the Board of Governors of Martin Luther University College; the Board of Directors of Lutheran Homes Kitchener-Waterloo;
 a constitutional amendment for St. Luke’s, Rhodes Corner, NS

The Council met with the Board of Directors for the annual meeting of Lutheran Homes Kitchener-Waterloo (LHKW). Members also heard a report about the “Strategic Initiative” work related to property transformation through LHKW; this project is now at a transition stage.

The Council had a guided tour of the upgraded facilities of Martin Luther University College, and were given an update on its history, mission and programmes.


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