Northern Area Spring Event

St. Timothy’s Copper Cliff was the place to be when young members of a church choir from St. Stephen’s in Bloomingdale, Minnesota put on a wonderful performance of Joseph and the Technicolored Dreamcoat. On June 12, this talented group of kids from grade 7 through 12 put on a show that delighted the audience. 

The talented youngsters were served supper at St. Timothy’s.  The group- all 76 of them- then moved to Trinity, Sudbury where they bedded down for the night.  There wasn’t a space in the church that didn’t have a person sleeping on the floor. The ladies of Trinity fed them breakfast and then they were off to Toronto (or so they thought) a surprise detour to Niagara Falls delighted everyone.

The business of the weekend continued on Saturday when about 30 people sat in a circle to discuss what positive actions were happening in the church and what things people would like to see happen.  Discussion around what ministry direction the Area would like to take led to a list of four goals that include: starting a newsletter for better communication; and holding lunches to learn about the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Lutheran support on that issue. Decisions can then be made about how best to raise funds to help our aboriginal neighbours.

All in all, it was a great event and we look forward to meeting again in the fall for the Healthy Congregations workshop being given September 19 by Pastor Riitta Hepomaki and Jeff Pym.

Faith in Action: