New Beginnings

Oct 4, 2015 was a day of new beginnings for a group of Lutherans in Montreal.  The Finnish congregation had to move out of their church building and the proper closing service had been held.  The question of where they would go was a problem until the Estonian church invited them to share their building.  Rev. Matthew Anderson led the first joint service for the two congregations.  Bulletins were prepared in Finnish, Estonian and English.  Members of both congregations shared in the well-attended service which included communion, a baptism and of course lunch after. The service was definitely one of celebration and thanksgiving.

Moving forward, Pastor Anderson will have separate services for each group although there will be some shared services as well.

Previously, the Synod had organized meetings for Montreal Lutheran churches to discuss their mutual problems and to encourage the sharing of buildings and pastors.  This sharing of space was a result of some of those meetings.

Over twenty years ago two congregations had joined together – Redeemer and Christ.  Their pastors – Saabas and Anderson encouraged this union and it seems to be a good one. They share not only assets- but life- with all its ups and downs and they have learned, that for the union to work concessions must sometimes be made.

This article has been written so that the church at large can understand that change can happen but it does take some work and some adjustments may need to be made, but the Lord’s work can go on.

Grace Saabas

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