In Mission for Others

In order to be in mission for others we must have faith and a strong belief in our Saviour.  We must share our faith with others.  In order to do this we must know what faith is and how it came to be part of our life.
   Faith is our trust in God. It is also in the patience it takes to wait to see what God wants us to do.  This gift of faith has been given to us by Christ and we are taught to do the job of a disciple, both the big jobs, and the small. 
   With this in mind I realized that I was in fact doing just that as I share the devotions daily with a friend.
   Early this year my elderly friend’s husband died.  Soon after his funeral I suggested to her that she should phone me daily and we would have a devotion time.  We use the Eternity for Today and the Living Bible.
   My friend is 94 years old and is deaf and blind.  She really enjoys the time that we have together each day.  She hears both the bible and the story and then we spend a few minutes talking about them. Since her husband died she has also moved into a nursing home and has had a difficult time accepting that change in her life.  This has also been part of our discussion each day.  She now has begun to accept this move.  Sharing in mission for others is itself a way of spreading God’s word.  My friend hopes others will do as we are doing.

submitted by Evelyn Swanson

Faith in Action: