Meet Katie Ditschun

Katie grew up in Brantford, Ontario, where she was baptized, confirmed and married at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church. She was a very active member at Faith, says Katie “As a teen I would round up the kids around Christmas and Easter and would organize rehearsals, choose the music, and direct our little choir.” 
“Church felt like my family. We didn’t live near my extended family, so the members of Faith seemed to fill in that role. How wonderful to feel like you had multiple grandmothers!”
Katie remembers being very excited to be asked to attend the Global Hunger and Economic Justice Seminar when she was 16 years old. She often represented her congregation at national youth gatherings which she says were always a blast.
Katie also remembers attending Sunday school where getting her pin every year was very special. “I can’t recall when I began singing solos but I do remember being encouraged to do so. I would sing often, but especially at celebration services.” When she was about 21, she acted as Interim Organist for about a year. That led to a position as organist and choir director at a small Anglican Church in Burford, Ontario where she worked for a year before moving to Boston with her husband. Katie had begun her BMus degree at Wilfrid Laurier University but completed the degree at Berklee College of Music.
Now living in Alexandria, a small town about an hour south of Ottawa, Katie teaches singing and piano at home and for a private music school in Cornwall as well as being pianist/choir director for Alexandria United Church. Katie has come to realize that as a musician many smaller jobs together make for full time work. Katie also has her own music and performances, as a soloist, with her trio- The Ditschun Trio, with a professional band- the Supers and with the Georgian House Orchestra as their feature vocalist.
In her own compositions she often writes about her life experiences. “The church was and has been such a large part of my life. Though not overt, I do my best to have religion present in my work.”
Katie will be holding a series of concerts this spring:
March 23- St. Mark’s, Kingston
April 21- Our Saviour, Owen Sound
May 4- Faith, Brantford
May 6- Zion, Philipsburg
May 26- St. Philip’s, Etobicoke
June 8- St. Paul’s, Cambridge
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