A Little New Year Risk Taking

I’m sure the vast host of parenting experts would have much to say about my decision to put my tiny, three year old daughter on a 30 year old wooden toboggan and give her a good push down a short but rather steep hill - a hill that emptied out onto a road. Yes, I’m sure the parenting experts would have much to say about that! Luckily (and in defense of my questionable judgment) the snow plough had done its job by kicking up enough of a bank that she wasn’t getting near the road and I was watching like a mama hawk for any passing motorists (and timing the pushes down that hill accordingly).

But truthfully, hearing my daughter laugh with abandon and call out “again, Mommy! Again!” and having that time with her in the snow under a brilliant blue sky was worth a little bit of risk taking. For what must have been the millionth time since becoming a parent, I marveled at how it’s the simple things that mean the most and bring the most joy. As I played in the snow with her and was witness to her sheer delight, I felt blessed... blessed that God has given me the gift of this child; blessed that I have the privilege of watching her grow and learn and delight in God’s creation; blessed that we are on this journey together.

I’m not a big maker of resolutions, but as we begin this New Year, I do so with a desire to be more intentional to pause and give thanks for the holy in the ordinary; to give thanks to God for the brilliant blue sky, the warm sun on my face and the squeals of delight from my favourite three year old in the background. Our journey of faith with the God who loves us is not meant to be complicated. It’s meant to be as simple as the prophet Micah reminds us: ‘to do justice; to love kindness and to walk humbly with God.’ Too often we seem to buy into what the world around us tries to sell us about life and happiness and we end up tripping over ourselves and head down a path that usually ends up being a dead end and not very life-giving. This year, I’d like to ask God to help me be more mindful – to live more in the moment so that my days can be witness to the love and grace of God that I see in creation, hear in the laughter and delight of my family and encounter in the faces of those I meet.

I pray the same for you in this New Year too – that we would all be blessed by the numerous ways we see God daily and that we would not only pause in the moment, but that we would find ways to talk about and share these encounters with others, as together we seek to ‘do justice; love kindness and walk humbly with God.’ Happy New Year!

Rev. Christie Morrow-Wolfe

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