Camp Sunday at St. John's, Arnprior

We had a great, relaxed time with the kids, big kids . . and puppets!! on Camp Sunday. Camp music and actions, with familiar songs like He’s Got the Whole World, I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, and Rise and Shine were enjoyed. At ‘sermon’ time, the big kids got together in groups to talk about Nicodemus and new life. A highlight of the service was puppet time. Maureen and Lorne Rueckwald were puppeteers, presenting a nervous camper Sophie and a sleepy, but reassuring, camp counsellor Cameron from lectern and pulpit. As Randy Zimmerling recalled, “Cameron (Lorne) was very close to the pulpit candle in the beginning and that created a bit of a stir and references to ‘camp fires’, but he rebounded fine. I had tears rolling down my cheeks watching those puppets and my grandkids reaction to them.... “

submitted by Enid Blackwell

Faith in Action: