Blankets and Teddies

St. James, Williamsford had a great deal to celebrate on Sept 27th.  The women of the congregation, with the help of St. Mark’s in Chesley made 34 afghans and quilts and 145 teddy bears which were given to  Canadian Lutheran World Relief  (CLWR). One woman, Mona Le Maitre made 95 teddy bears herself.  That is a lot of knitting! Jennifer Ardon, of CLWR said that the children in the refugee camps will absolutely love the teddy bears; they will hug them and give them names. She said that the children have few toys to play with and these teddies will bring them comfort. This service was special indeed, as the children of the congregation presided over the entire service. Two boys chose a scripture and then gave a five minute sermon each, there were ushers, musicians, bell ringers and five children read the prayers. The congregation prayed that the people who received the quilts would find peace in their lives and know that there were people who cared about them.  We hoped they would feel the love from us as they wrapped the blankets around themselves. 

The ladies had been making the quilts and teddy bears for about a year. They will be shipped to CLWR  for the refugee camps.

If anyone is interested in knitting pattern for the teddy bears e-mail Pastor  Dar Rath and she will send the pattern along.

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