Assembly Photos

Delegates of the 17th Convention of the Eastern Synod.

Opening Worship Service. Bishop Pryse, Rev. Rosalyn Kantlah^nta'Elm, 
National Bishop Susan Johnson and Cherub Philip. 

Assisting minister Cherub Philip.  

Ms. Laurie Knott, Vice Chair of the Synod presenting 
"Our Synod Neighbourhood".


Rev. Dr. Christian Ceconi giving a report about 
the work in the Central Toronto Ministry Area.


Rev. Joel Crouse presenting  "Identify, Encourage, & Support 

Congregations at a Crossroads"

National Bishop Susan Johnson, Mr. Rafi Aaron and Bishop Michael Pryse.

Organizers and participants of Friday night's exercise designed to raise awareness of racism.

Inshallah Choir

Rev. Janaki Bandara speaking to the Assembly.

Rev. Dr. Mark Harris, Principal Dean of the Martin Luther University Collage (former Waterloo Lutheran Seminary) reporting to the Assembly

Faith in Action: