World Food Day Resources - October 16, 2012

A message from Rev Paul Gehrs, Assistant to the Bishop, Justice and Leadership, ELCIC

CLWR is a member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB); the ELCIC's connection to this organization is through our important partnership with CLWR (

A few years ago, our family used CFGB devotions designed for World Food Day at home.
I know devotion style varies from person to person.
Those devotions were very good for us
    -- a meaningful blend of attention to God
        and drawing our attention to consciousness of the wider world
        speaking of food, while we prepared to eat.

so when CFGB does something around world food day, I pay attention.

In addition, same way, it is the leaders in the ELCIC who have taught me
that matters of food are spiritual matters.
We gather at the communion table, we are called at baptism to work for compassionate justice,
our journey begins and lives with Jesus, the Bread of Life.

I trust you to know if these can enrich your work as a church in mission for others.

You and your witness are in my prayers.

Rev. Paul Gehrs

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