Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Human Relations (HR) Workshop

Location: Five Oaks Retreat Center, Paris, ON Canada

EQ-HR 5 day Workshop Registration
• EQ HR Workshop Tuition is $595; The EQ 360 assessment is $185
• Food/Lodging: single room is $546; double is $420; Commuter rate is $250
• Because this workshop begins at 11:00 on Monday for those wishing to arrive on Sunday evening, Pre-workshop lodging is available, single occupancy room & breakfast at $136.50 and double occupancy room and breakfast at $105.

Information on workshops for 2014 is available on our website at

EQ-HR 5 day Schedule and Registration
• Most workshops begin at 2 PM on Monday and ends after lunch on Friday.
• The 4-day workshop in Delray Beach begins on Tuesday.

There are two ways to register for these workshops:
• Register online at www.eqhrcenter.org or
• Send a check to the Center for EQ HR Skills, 19806 Mill Point Road, Boonsboro, MD 21713, Attn: Barbara Holder. For general information, please contact Barbara Holder at eq-hrctr@myactv.net, or call 301-432-8933.

What happens at an EQ-HR Workshop?
This core EQ HR Center workshop is an intensive 5-day session designed to enable participants to learn about, build and practice emotional intelligence skills in a small group setting. Skilled facilitators provide tools and feedback to enable participants to learn about themselves and to immediately practice emerging skills. As group life unfolds, participants give and receive feedback regarding the impact they have on others in the group. Participants will learn both inter-personal and intra-group communication skills. The content of the workshop revolves around the five areas of emotional intelligence as keys to improving leadership effectiveness for faith-based leaders.

What is the EQ 360 Assessment?
As part of this core event, workshop participants complete a comprehensive self-assessment of their emotional intelligence. They also identify up to 20 people who know them well and are willing to complete the same assessment in order to provide valuable feedback. What results is a detailed report of one's Emotional Intelligence strengths and development needs. This will be for the participant's eyes only and will provide possible personal items to be explored in one's small group.

What are the expected outcomes of the EQ-HR 5-day Workshop?
• Improved awareness of the concepts of emotional intelligence and the impact of emotional intelligence on the participant and all with whom he or she interacts
• Enhanced ability to identify, articulate, and reflect on various aspects of working and living in a faith community
• Strengthened understanding of how one is impacted by others in a group and one’s own impact on a group
• Increased skills in pastoral leadership for lay and clergy
• Heightened awareness of the importance of constructive behavioral information about self and others as leaders
• Enhanced awareness of the presence of God’s Spirit in group life and ability to identify and reflect on that presence

About the Center for Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations Skills -
Our mission is to equip leaders within faith- based organizations with skills that enhance their leadership abilities by developing emotional intelligence competence, building human relations skills and providing coaching support. Our trainers and coaches come from diverse faith traditions and professional backgrounds. Many have worked or continue to work as clergy or lay leaders. Others are teachers, coaches, organizational consultants and facilitators. They share a common passion for strengthening the individual leaders and organizations that support us all in the spiritual aspects of our lives.

We recommend this to our lay and ordained leaders!

Sunday, October 20, 2013 8:00pm to Friday, October 25, 2013 8:00pm