Never Too Late

Even though it arrived in early January, I guessed that the envelope contained a Christmas card. The return address indicated that it was from a person in their nineties who has been on our list of planned gift donors for several years. Inside the card was a cheque designated for the work of Lutheran Planned Giving. The note in the card said, “I am late, but it is never too late to think of those who have influenced my life and my beliefs.”

Who influenced your life and your beliefs? Parents, grandparents or baptismal sponsor? Pastor, Sunday School teacher, camp counsellor or youth group leader? Congregational elder, choir director or some other layperson?

It is never too late to think about those people and give thanks for their influence. One way to remember them is to make a special tribute gift to the church in their honour. A gift can take the form of a cheque, a donation of investments or a gift in your will.

To learn more about how to make a gift recognizing the important people in your life, contact Jeff Pym at or 1-888-308-9461.

The following Friends of Lutheran Planned Giving have come forward within the past year, told us about their gift, and given us permission to publish their names. Our hope is that you, after seeing a familiar name on the list, might be inspired by their example to make a gift of your own.

Robert Ahrens             Burlington, ON
Elsabe Coetzer            Waterloo, ON
Harold Kaufman          New Hamburg, ON
Laurie and Jim Knott   Waterloo, ON
Heather Main              Mississauga, ON
Neil Main                    Waterloo, ON
Jeanne Wittig              Elmira, ON

In addition to these donors there are six others who have chosen to remain anonymous.

Our church is blessed by the presence of all givers—known and unknown—and the abundance of their gifts. We give thanks to God for their faithful living and generous giving.