Images for ELCIC Worship Bulletin Covers

People in Mission – Where do you see ‘people in mission’ in our community? In our churches, on the playground, at work, at rest or in recreation, we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ. The ELCIC Program Committee for Worship (PCW) is putting out a call for images of people in mission, to be used on worship bulletin covers for the 2018 – 2019 liturgical year.

The images of people in mission can be as diverse as your imagination. How do you see people in mission in the world around you? Are you surprised by what you see, or maybe encouraged? Are there any images that challenge us and let us see mission in a different way?

Please submit images for the second half of the bulletin series by March 18, 2019 in an email to: and include the following information:

• Photographer who took the image(s)
• Location where the photo was taken
• Story behind the photo – why did you take this photo? How does it show people in mission to you? Include the name of the congregation, if appropriate.
• Completed Copyright Transfer and Confirmation of Consent to use Images, available on the Canadian Church Bulletin website at

   —As needed, there are also Consent to use Image forms available at – both for youth under 18 years old and adults.
   —Consent is only needed for images where the main subject is recognizable. Images of a crowd in a public place (for instance, a worship service) do not require consent. Consent can of course be verbal, but a signed form is best.

The PCW has asked David Solheim, who prepared the current bulletin series, to select and prepare the set of images for the 2018-2019 bulletin covers. Since the bulletin covers require a square image, Dave will crop your image as needed. From a practical point of view, any jpeg (.jpg) image that is 2.6 MB or more in size can work. Images must be submitted by March 18, 2019.