Call to Ministry


• We are all called to serve. 

• Some feel a strong sense of call to serve the church in Diaconal and Ordained ministry.

• Could this describe you?

     o Feel a strong call to Christian service
     o Accept and adhere to the Lutheran Confessions of this church
     o Demonstrate gifts of leadership to serve the church
     o Prepared to acquire the academic and practical qualifications for ministry

How Do I Become a Pastor or Diaconal Minister? (The Path to Ordination/Consecration)

• Candidates for ministry are generally active members in an ELCIC congregation. Their pastor and congregation support their decision to pursue their vocation and would provide a recommendation to the Synod as part of the application.

• As part of the application process, candidates are interviewed by the Synod’s Candidacy Committee and upon their approval (called endorsement), they begin their training and development for pastoral/diaconal ministry. Candidates meet with the Synod’s Candidacy Committee at least once annually to review their progress and to be endorsed to continue their studies.

• Studies include the completion of a Masters of Divinity degree through an accredited ELCIC Seminary (or approved equivalent). Within the Eastern Synod, many candidates complete their studies at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. Educational experience includes coursework and field experience to support spiritual formation and the discernment process.

• Once the educational and field experiences are successfully completed (including final endorsement by the Candidacy Committee), the candidate appears before the Synod’s Examining Committee. Upon their approval, the candidate will be ordained/consecrated when they receive a call to serve in the Synod. While the majority of opportunities to serve are in parish ministry, other options include chaplaincy and social justice work.

Candidacy Manual
WLS Masters of Divinity program
Compensation & Benefits

Next Step:
Talk to someone who can respond to your unique experience such as:

Your own pastor.


Pastor Douglas Reble, Assistant to the Bishop.   519-743-1461