Assembly 2016


Worship Materials

Eastern Synod Assembly 2016 Evaluation

Session 1 Minutes- DRAFT ONLY!
Session 2 Minutes- DRAFT ONLY!
Session 3 Minutes- DRAFT ONLY!
Session 4 Minutes- DRAFT ONLY!
Session 5 Minutes- DRAFT ONLY!
Session 6 Minutes- DRAFT ONLY!
Session 7 Minutes- DRAFT ONLY! 

Bishop Munib Younan, President LWF Thursday speech

Bishop Munib Younan, President LWF Friday speech

Chief Ava Hill, Six Nations of the Grand River speech

Bishop's Ministry Review 2016. The link will be available until Monday, July 27th

2016 Synod Sunday Sermon for Congregations

An Order of Blessing for Delegates


Assembly Cover Page and Table of Contents

Section 1- Assembly Proceedings

Section 2- Reports of Assembly Committees

Section 3-   Reports of National Bishop and Canadian Lutheran World Relief

Section 4-   Reports of the Bishop, Vice Chair and Ministry Areas
         Report of the Bishop now available. 

Section 5-   Statistical Reports

Section 6-   Report of Synod Council

Section 7-   Reports of Standing Committees and Ministry Directors

Section 8-   Financial Report

Section 9-   ELFEC Report

Section 10- Report of the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary

Section 11- Eastern Synod Constitution and Bylaws

Assembly 2016 Bulletin of Reports- Complete Document


02- Assembly Committee Reports pg 2-1 & 2-2

05- Statistical Reports pg 5-1 & 5-2 

05- Statistical Reports pg 5-8

07- Reports of Standing Committees and Ministry Directors pg 7-8a & 7-8b

10- Report of the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary pg 10-4 to 10-16


TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS:  Please book your travel as early as possible and  preferably before the Assembly registration  deadline of May 1st to ensure that the travel  schedule you want is available at the lowest  rate.  Those planning to travel by plane, train or  bus must receive prior approval from Rev.  Guenter Dahle (519-897-7273).Once authorized;  tickets can be purchased as soon as possible.  Please contact: 

Nellie Follings 
Goliger's Travel 
1-800-465-4437  ext. 235

Assembly 2016 Travel Policy

ACCOMMODATIONS:  All Delegates and Visitors are responsible for making their own reservations directly with the International Plaza Hotel, Toronto, Ontario. 

International Plaza Hotel
1-800-668-3656 or 
Be sure to identify yourself as a member of the Eastern Synod Convention-Assembly 2016.  If you plan on sharing a room, it is your responsibility to find a person willing to room with you.

Directions to the International Plaza Hotel

REGISTRATION: ONLINE REGISTRATION! Clergy, Lay Delegates and Visitors must register online by May 1st in order to take advantage of the early bird fees. Payment can be made either by credit card or by cheque made payable to Eastern Synod of ELCIC. 

Bulletin of Reports will be available online for download free of charge. If a paper copy is needed it will be available at a cost of $25.00 each, and requested on the registration form.

Registration Information Letter

Assembly 2016 Fees

Registration is now live.Please click here to begin.

For those booking travel arrangements:

The Assembly Check-In Desk will open at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, June 23, 2016. First Time Delegate Assembly Orientation begins at 11:00 a.m. and the 'Opening Service of Holy Communion / Opening of Assembly' begins at 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 23, 2016.

The final business session of Assembly will conclude at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 25th, 2016, with the Eastern Synod Leadership Banquet to follow at 6:30 p.m. The 'Closing Service with Holy Communion / Installation of Synod Council' will take place at 10:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 26th, 2016.


Nomination and Election of Eastern Synod Delegates to ELCIC National Convention.