St Peter's Evangelical Lutheran Church

We have people visiting Shoreham Village Nursing Home every Sunday afternoon, as a matter of fact one couple has done this for nearly 20 years. Visits during weekdays are also carried out. Our congregation supports our food bank, especially during Christmas,Easter and Thanksgiving. St. Peter's Lutheran supplies the two additional churches in the parish with celebrates.

Sunday 10:00AM 1st Sunday - Service of the Word (Lay Person) (April to December); Sunday 10:00AM 2nd Sunday - Holy Eucharist (Pastor Cookman); Sunday 10:00AM 3rd Sunday - Holy Eucharist (Pastor Cookman); Sunday 10:00AM 4th Sunday - Holy Eucharist (Pastor Cookman) June 1st to Sept.30th


#5 Commons Road, Intersection of Commons Road and Highway #3 Chester

PO Box 98
B0J 1J0 Chester , NS
Phone: 902-275-5844
Nova Scotia CA
5 Commons Road
B0J 1J0 Chester , NS