Rhenish Church of Canada

Relevant … Real Life, Real People Character … Life Style with a Purpose Community … Come Share Laughter and Tears Live in Fullness … Join the Journey, Connect and Grow

Sunday 9:30AM English (strong emphasis for youth);
Sunday 10:00AM Parent & Toddler;
Sunday 10:00AM Children;
Sunday 11:15AM Cantonese

Child Care: Age 0-2 Parent & Tot worship and Sunday school Age 3-10 Worship and M&M apprenticeship playhouse

Our building is wheelchair accessible. We provide headsets for the hard of hearing.

Worship Languages: English, Cantonese

We are at Bur Oak Ave and 16th Ave, Markham, east of Ninth Line. Our land has a heritage house on it. We rent 230 Finch Ave, Markam for worship.

We are not building comfort for a few, but for God’s kingdom.非為數人的滿足而建造,乃為上帝的國度而燃燒May we be a blessing for our neighbourhood讓我們成為鄰舍的祝福….… a community with whom people find relevance to their life and faith experience能得著與生命和信心相關的經歷… … souls are healed and spirits are renewed心靈得醫治,靈命得更新… … let this be a place where characters are build up品格得建立. Stand firm in one spirit, contending as one man for the faith of the gospel. Phil l:27同有一個心志,站立得穩,為所信的福音齊心勢力.腓1:27 We are the body of Christ builds firmly upon the scripture and Lutheran Confessions among whom all find love, belonging and ownership. 我們是一個...我們歸屬...互愛...建基於聖經和本會信綱...共有...的敬拜、學習、見証、服事之聖教會

2667 Bur Oak Ave
L6B 1A8 Markham , ON
Phone: (905) 294-8254