Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church

Worship is the core of our activity that feeds nourishes. From there we reach out in various missions locally: food bank, fire quilts, Canadian support "On Eagles' Wings", LWR Mission projects. We do these as a congregation. We have a hand bell choir, Bible study and women's prayer brunch. We participate in "Mission to Others", hold seminars in our congregation and continue to try to 'think out of the box'. We are investigating the possibility of building 55-100 unit for senior affordable housing. We work with other faith communities in our area.

Sunday 10:00AM with Holy Eucharist

Location Description:

40 Caldwell Rd, which is one block and to the left off of Caldwell Road from the Coal Harbour/Protland and Caldwell Road. Behind the Zeller's store.


40 Caldwell Rd
B2V 2S2 Dartmouth , NS
Phone: 902-462-2749
Nova Scotia CA
40 Caldwell Rd
B2V 2S2 Dartmouth , NS