Ministry Area Visits

Once a year Bishop Michael invites all the rostered ministers who are serving under call or appointment to participate in meetings that convene in all seventeen Ministry Areas of our Synod. "I view these gatherings as being pastoral visits. The agenda is a simple one. We worship together, engage in pastoral coversation about our respective ministries and share a meal," Bishop says. 
Participants see these meetings as opportunities to see beyond their own congregations and contexts and learn what is done in other Ministry Areas and in the wider church. 
This ministry is supported by the Bishops' Company for Mission through funding for the meals. Bishops' Company was established in 2003 to support special mission activities of the synod primarily in the area of church renewal. 

Rev. Riitta Hepomaki

Please, see pictures below.

Toronto Central Ministry Area.

Bishop Michael with Pastor Christian Ceconi, the Dean of the Area.

Rev. Matti Kormano, Rev. Kalle Kadakas and Rev. Girts Grietins.

Toronto Central Ministry Area team meeting with Bishop Michael.

Toronto Central Ministry Area Pastors meeting with Bishop Michael.

Learning about EKD (Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland) standards for lay preachers. 

Bishop Michael with Nith Valley Ministry Area Pastors.


Two Rivers Ministry Area meeting with Bishop Michael.