Black History Month

At our 2018 Synod Assembly delegates engaged in some challenging conversations and exercises that identified how racialized differences, and the lack thereof, impacts the life of our church and its congregations. It accentuated the need for a better understanding of who we are as a predominantly white church and how we can engage and welcome a more diverse group of people in a good way.
   In support of the ELCIC's strategic goal to foster Reconciled Relationships, the Synod Assembly mandated the establishment of a Racial Justice Advisory Committee to lead us in this important work. The following article highlights some of the actions currently underway to do just that. In addition, we are recognizing February as Black History Month by highlighting some extraordinary men and women who have contributed much to our past and present history both in Canada and the United States.
   I encourage you to participate in the online discussion, “PROJECT STORY” and, if you are able, to consider joining our visit to the Buxton, Ontario Historic Site, one of Canada’s first Underground Railroad communities that became home and refuge for many of the first slaves to escape the U.S. southern slave owners.
   We all have much to learn. Please stay tuned for further news and resources that might assist us in becoming a community of believers that better resembles Christ's body in all its fulsome diversity!