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National Convention Election Results

Lay Delegates elected:

Keith Myra
Jackie Nunns
Margaret Christenson
Jordan Smith
Jerry Hogeveen
Prijna Gingrich
Anne Drouillard
Kathryn Smith
Ulrich Kuebler
Miranda Gray
Andrea Attridge
Sonia Beck
Dorothy Emmerson
Fred Nolting
Selina Broadshaw
Jan Hansen
Judy Lindeman
Gail Bennie
Richard Ritz
David K. Winfield
Nancy Hannah
Christel Mikelic
Karen Jean Field
Roger D. Carver 

Rostered Delegates elected:

Sunday, June 19 and World Refugee Day worship resources

The plight of refugees, especially those from Syria, dominated the news earlier this year. Although not currently as visible in the media, there are still 60 million refugees around the world—families who left everything behind to save themselves from war, persecution, or danger. And CLWR is on the forefront of providing care and support for hundreds of these families. 

An Earth Day message from Lutheran, Anglican leaders

In an Earth Day message from Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada National Bishop Susan C. Johnson, Anglican Church of Canada Primate Fred Hiltz and Anglican Church of Canada National Indigenous Bishop Mark MacDonald, the three leaders commend the Storforsen Appeal to the churches and pray, "for the humility and discipline to use the earth's resources wisely and responsibly; to take action with care for those who will come after us; and to continue to strive to safeguard the integrity of creation, and sustain and renew the life of the earth."