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Lutheran, Anglican leaders write to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

In an open letter to newly sworn-in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada National Bishop Susan Johnson and Archbishop Fred Hiltz, Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, extend their heartfelt congratulations and describe some of the pressing issues that call for visionary leadership in Canada and the world.

The text of the letter follows. A pdf version can be viewed here (http://www.elcic.ca/news.cfm?article=428).

November 4, 2015

90th Anniversary Service

On Sunday, August 30, 2015 St. James Lutheran Church in Branch La Have, Nova Scotia celebrated 90 years of Praise and Worship. The day was spectacular weather wise, and members from the two other churches comprising the Northfield Parish (West Northfield and Upper Northfield) joined in our celebrations. The service was conducted by Pastor Catharine House, and our organist Ina Weldon led us in some old time hymns. Four members of our congregation, namely Barbara Kelly, Vivian Feindel, Alice Wile and Arthur Young, spoke to the congregation about what St.

Faith in Action:

Blankets and Teddies

St. James, Williamsford had a great deal to celebrate on Sept 27th.  The women of the congregation, with the help of St. Mark’s in Chesley made 34 afghans and quilts and 145 teddy bears which were given to  Canadian Lutheran World Relief  (CLWR). One woman, Mona Le Maitre made 95 teddy bears herself.  That is a lot of knitting! Jennifer Ardon, of CLWR said that the children in the refugee camps will absolutely love the teddy bears; they will hug them and give them names.

Faith in Action:

ELCIC National Bishop encourages members to challenge intolerance and respect the dignity of every human being

Dear members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada:

Grace and peace to you.

‘I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.’ (Matthew 25:25)

I am troubled by the recent tone of national debate regarding the right of Muslim women in Canada to choose to wear the niqab. At times the discourse, especially online, has been derogatory, prejudiced, and characterized by a suspicion or downright fear of the other in our midst. Such rhetoric has consequences.